I trained as a doctor at Bristol University Medical School and then worked in the health service for several years. After getting married and starting a family, I took a career break.

It was during those years that I came to realise that conventional medicine did not have all the answers.

I have become increasingly concerned with the idea that drugs will solve everything, that treatments often involve the aggressive suppression of symptoms and lead to worrying and sometimes harmful side effects.

There did not seem to be any emphasis on the body's marvellous capacity to heal itself.

There was a loss of individuality in treatment and the reasons that people became ill in the first place were disregarded. The idea of connectedness led me to homeopathy.

I trained at the College of Practical Homeopathy in Dudley over 4 years which involved hundreds of hours of clinical observations and attachments.

When people ask for proof of homeopathy, I say look at the experience of homeopaths throughout the world and their patients. The experience of the individual cannot be ignored. Individuals aren't wrong!

Of course homeopathy will not suit everyone, but neither does conventional treatment. I believe the two systems can provide a complementary service.