Vivien Newrick


Homeopathy is one of the most widely used forms of medicine in the world. It understands that you cannot treat a symptom or system in isolation and it recognises that every aspect of a person: physical, mental and emotional is connected and individual.

Homeopaths are interested in people as individuals because it is the patient that needs the treatment not the disease. It is this holistic approach to health which makes homeopathy so special and successful.

Symptoms are seen as an attempt by the body to heal itself and it is this remarkable capacity which homeopathic remedies stimulate.

Homeopathy is completely safe for everyone - young, old, sensitive or pregnant.

Many people are attracted to homeopathy as there is no danger of addiction, toxicity or side effects. It is safe, gentle and effective.

Homeopathy is very different from traditional forms of medicine. It does not provide you with a diagnosis for your condition - your own doctor is still the health professional to provide this.